Advertising Design

Ramon Casanyes

In the early nineties the Nestlé head office in Switzerland chose Ramón Casanyes as the official designer for QUICKY, the Nesquik Bunny.

The aim was to produce a single design for this character for all the markets in the world and keep it up to date over the years.

This led Casanyes to set up the company Ramón Casanyes S.L. together with his partner, Montserrat Aranda.

Montserrat Aranda

From their studio in Barcelona, with Casanyes as creative talent and artist, and Aranda specialising in the field of digital colour, they have supplied illustrations for the various Nestlé markets for nearly two decades, cooperating internationally with most of the group’s agencies.

In addition to the Nesquik Bunny, they have updated or developed other mascots, including Pico, the Chocapic dog, the Estrellitas astronaut bear and the Cookie Crisp wolf, among others. They were even given the chance to bring up to date the design of the well-loved female character associated with condensed milk that we all know as “La Lechera”, “The Maid” or “La Moça”.

Their creative work, printed on packaging or displayed on gigantic advertising hoardings, is part of the everyday surroundings of millions of people.
This section of the Ramón Casanyes website shows a considerable sample of all this work. In order to keep it up to date, highlights of the work produced by the Casanyes-Aranda duo will regularly be added.